Welcome to Di Prima USA™

Di Prima USA™ products are created with innovation, functionality and durability in mind.  The simple, yet classic designs are built to withstand the heaviest use, yet refined enough for your home – or even a commercial setting.

Di Prima Metal Wine Racks

Di Prima’s metal wine racks offer two distinct advantages: The wine label is easy to see – and the racks are able to fit in any space, including a closet, under stairs, or in a hallway.  Of course, with your gorgeous wine rack from Di Prima you’ll likely want to showcase it in a high traffic area.  It’s bound to become a conversation piece for many years to come.  It’s known that many wines improve with age.  So will your wine rack from Di Prima!

Di Prima Coffee Tables

Di Prima’s coffee tables are also one-of-a kind.  Like our wine racks, they’re designed with meticulous attention to detail – like pieces you’d expect to see in a gallery. Like all Italian designs, these are definitely pieces to be seen in art galleries, and to be appreciated by lovers of luxury and its refinement.